02.03.2018 Apatrid / Antonio Raia / Produzentengalerie

Januar 28, 2018
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avantgarde und noise in der Produzentengalerie. Einlass 20h, Beginn 21h. Eintritt frei _ Spenden erwünscht.

Apatrid repräsentiert die musikalische Form der immergleichen dumpfen und trostlosen Langeweile des Münchener Nordens. Wo Melodie war, wird Geräusch. Wo Beat war, wird permanenter Break. Keine Komposition, keine Improvisation. Nur das Pumpen und Pulsieren der Maschinen.

Apadrid bei Bandcamp


Asylum a project by Antonio Raia.
<< I tried to do something like a gift, something that talks about inside and when it comes out does not have any masters. I choose to do it alone not „by myself“ but „alone with“. In my life I learned that good things are done with someone or something for someone or something, and the relationship, the comparison become the way. Ligeti said that “a composition is a creative act if it moves from the composer and multiplies in the listeners’ lives”. I love this definition and I tried to fulfill it. I used different writing techniques for the songs: I wrote notes and graphs, drawings and frequencies’ indications to follow, sometimes I had the impulse to improvise. >>

Tenor Sax _ Antonio Raia | Sound Engineer _ Renato Fiorito

Antonio Raia bei Soundcloud


Djane Ina | Trip Hop, Electro, HipHop, Querbeet