19.04.2018 Caterina Palazzi Sudoku Killer | Schwarzer Hahn

März 30, 2018
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Zum dritten mal kommt einer der Lieblingsacts der Hahncrew mit Caterina Palazzi und Sudoku Killer erneut zu uns in den Hahn. Einlass 20 h. Beginn 21 h. Eintritt frei! Spenden erwünscht!

Die preisgekrönte Kontrabassistin und Komponistin Caterina Palazzi und Ihre Rock/Noise/Jazz-Combo Sudoku Killer sind wieder auf Europatournee.

Caterina Palazzi erhielt 2010 den Jazzit Award als beste Komponistin, das Debütalbum von Sudoku Killer wurde zum zweitbesten Jazzalbum Italiens gewählt, die Band selbst zählt ebenfalls zu den heißesten Acts Italiens.

Das 3. Album Asperger von Sudoku Killer klingt noch rauher und härter.

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Sudoku Killer, band leaded by double bass player Caterina Palazzi, was born in Rome in 2007. All musicians of the ensemble come from complementary artistic experiences, ranging from jazz to rock to experimental music. The group features a concert activity of over 500 concerts all over Europe and Asia.

For the 2010 Italian prestigious press referendum JAZZIT AWARD Caterina Palazzi was awarded as best Italian composer, her first album “Sudoku Killer” was awarded as best 2nd Italian work. After the success of the first album, the band recorded the second one (“Infanticide”, Auand Records 2015), characterized by psychedelic and post/rock atmospheres. Infanticide is mentioned between „Best Albums 2015“ by many magazines, as: Impatto Sonoro, Free Fall Jazz, Son of Marketing, Storia della Musica, Alternitalia, Distorsioni, RomaSuona, RadioEco, Suoni Distorti Magazine, Indiana Music Magazine.

The band has shared stages with Zeni Geva, ZU, Uzeda, Gianluca Petrella and many others.

Third album, darker and heavier than the others, will come out on 2018, with 2 months of european tour on april and may.

DAILY FACT: „Infanticide is perhaps the most modern, uncanny, night, north-European, open and sexy we can expect from the Italian jazz today. It‘s not jazz, not rock, but a small Opera razor sharp. A short feature music for restless souls „

ROCKERILLA: „Infanticide is exciting, a tangible tension and threatening (exemplary Futoshiki), the five long pieces run off that is a pleasure, about the safety of the quartet and a strong idea that makes the blood work and visionary“

DISTORTION: „Listening is scary and wonderful. Sounds seventies intersect with noises that go far beyond the presente. It‘s darkness and light research, despair and search of hope. A band that is going to face, leading a tour world. A band that is a credit to Italian music „

CLASSIX: „Sensational synthesis of free jazz, prog, noise rock, psychedelia and atmospheres soundtrack 70s, Infanticide (all instrumental) overflowing with ideas and, between outbursts abrasive and melodic moments to catch his breath, is a candidate as of now among the best work year „

RUMORE (NOISE): „aggressive, sweet, desperate. A hard disk but able to give much“

ALL ABOUT JAZZ: „Five violent traces where jazz lives with psychedelia, post-rock, the noise artists and experimental music“